W.O. Blackstone & Co., Inc. is a full service mechanical contractor delivering projects across a wide spectrum of markets including health care, office, industrial and institutional. Our capabilities include pre-construction services, sheet metal duct fabrication, pipefitting and general construction.






With most every project, we can do our best and most impactful work during the Pre-Construction phase of the project. Pre-Construction services include GMP pricing, estimating, systems evaluation, scheduling, design assistance and ordering long lead items and major equipment.

Our comprehensive suite of Pre-Construction services can make us a key part of any design/build, construction management or negotiated construction team. We take a value based approach to Pre-Construction services, always with the overall success of the project in mind.


Our sheet metal fabrication team produces custom ductwork that meets the highest quality standards for every project requirement. Having an integrated fabrication shop allows us to respond in real time to any field challenges encountered. Our products are made from galvanized steel, stainless steel or aluminum using a welded or interlocking seal to fit every custom application.


W.O. Blackstone & Co., Inc. is, at our core, a full-service commercial Mechanical Contractor. The scope of our capabilities includes complex HVAC systems, ductwork, custom sheet metal, packaged units, VAV boxes, pipe welding and fitting, process piping, chilled water systems, VRV systems, boilers and plumbing.


W.O. Blackstone & Co., Inc. offers experienced, trained and certified supervisors and craftsman. Our welding and pipefitting team can tackle complex commercial and industrial projects with a constant focus on safe work practices and the quality of the welding process.


Our Service & Maintenance Team provides the essential support your facility's cooling and heating systems required for the optimum performance and maximum indoor air quality. Our team provides a seamless customer experience — 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Click below to learn more, or call us at 803.252.8222