Supply Chain Shortages In the HVAC Industry and How We're Responding.

With prices for essential construction and HVAC parts rising, deliveries taking twice as long and material prices reaching a 35-year high, our industry is experiencing a crisis with little short-term relief in sight.

In a recent article from Construction Dive, they state that supply shortages coupled with surging demand has lead to the largest annual spike of input prices to construction since 1987, when data collection began.

Specifically, the most challenging issues within our industry include:

  • Microchip shortages — microchips are key components of sophisticated HVAC equipment for commercial buildings.
  • Shortage of repair parts — compressors, motors and fans; as well as raw materials including copper, steel and plastic are in short supply.
  • Labor shortages — contributing to supply chain woes, the workforce is still recovering from the shutdowns from COVID-19.

We’re Taking Proactive Steps to Avoid Disruptions

In response to these issues, W.O. Blackstone, Inc., is taking proactive steps to help our customers, as we are furnishing the following services:

  1. Providing HVAC inspections to plan for potential disruptions
  2. Identifying repairs that might require a part with a long lead item and notifying customers in advance so we can place orders proactively.

Staying Up-to-Date on your PM Schedule

Keeping up with your basic maintenance visits can help prolong the life your equipment. Staying proactive and up to date on the preventative maintenance (PM) schedule is critical.

For more information on your Preventative Maintenance Plan, contact Ben Breland, Sales Manager, Service by email or 803.252.8222 for more information.