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The Six Biggest Safety Threats to HVAC Contractors

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Every office, hospital or industrial facility in South Carolina has some sort of heating or cooling unit or industrial process equipment. Our industry has great potential for growth. But it does pose some risks.

We have made safety a priority by means of several actions including; our third party consultants visiting job sites twice a week to review and conduct safety audits; tool box talks; providing access to any equipment needed for the job at hand; and training in specific areas such as trenching/excavating or confined space entry. The most important thing is an attitude of making every effort to keep our workers and others safe while on the job. Here is a list of a few of the top safety threats we face in our type of construction.

» Fatigue

We are notoriously overworked. None of us truly get enough sleep. A demanding field job and long hours combined with a lack of good sleep will put you at risk. The risk is making a mistake in the field, getting careless with tools and equipment or even driving to and from the job site. Make an effort to get enough rest.

» Falls

Some of our work is on the rooftop. Or we are working off lifts or ladders. Only use sturdy ladders which are in good shape. Check lift equipment for mechanical failure or low air pressure. Flag off the roof top area near the edge. Tie the ladder off at the top to prevent it slipping. If something goes wrong in the air, the results of a fall could be difficult and even fatal.

» Asbestos

If there is even the remotest chance that we think we are near asbestos, we will stop work immediately and call the project manager. We do not touch asbestos.

» Struck By

This safety hazard involves cranes and rigging. Be sure the person responsible for signaling the crane operator is competent and stays in visual contact with the operator. Do not walk under a load. Block off the swing radius behind the crane. Make an effort to set the crane on level, stable ground.

» Caught Between

This warning is to not put yourself between two stacks of materials, or to stand in between any type of moving equipment such as a Forklift or Backhoe, even if it’s parked.

» Electrocution

Assume all overhead wire is energized. Stay at least 10 feet away from overhead wires. Never operate electrical equipment while standing in any water. Repair all frayed drop cords. Our safety consultants constantly point this hazard out. Always use caution around electricity.

This post a reminder of some of the main hazards we face and to stay alert and vigilant on the job!

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