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Tuesday, April 25, 2017

WOB Proven ProcessThis year at W.O. Blackstone, we are celebrating our 80th anniversary! Our current team is second to none and we are also grateful of all the people who helped build this company piece by piece and year by year.

We have had the opportunity to work on countless projects across a wide spectrum of the market. From hospitals and healthcare centers, to commercial buildings and offices, to manufacturing plants and industrial facilities, and many more. We thrive in the toughest environments. Our WOB Construction and Service Teams provide reliable solutions to complex problems every day.

The steps needed to get to a solution are no secret, but it takes a special team to put it all together. The process we follow has been developed over many years of working successful projects with great clients, engineers, contractors, and vendors. The WOB Proven Process document details our approach for both WOB Construction and WOB Service. Both processes start with an initial meeting and then work through the process.

WOB Construction:

  • • Pre-Construction: All the detailed work required for pricing and scheduling of the project happens in this stage. We love working with a team approach to provide design assist or design build services to help the success of the project. When the project is a hard bid or select bid project, we will provide accurate pricing and anticipate any challenges.

  • • Final Pricing: We are focused on finding the most economical approach to the project coupled with the most aggressive schedule.

  • • Construction Work Begins: The shop drawings and submittals are approved and completed. The Safety Plan is implemented. We are now in the field executing the project plan.

WOB Service:
  • • Assessment: At this stage, we are just getting started. The types of questions we typically ask are: What type of HVAC equipment services your building? What is the access to the equipment? What type of schedule works best for you or your tenants?

  • • Solutions: A customized plan is developed that is both practical and proactive. Our experts work on all makes and models of chillers, roof tops units, split systems and package units, data center cooling systems, plumbing and piping systems.

  • • Service Work Begins: The preventative maintenance schedule is established. A safety plan is developed. And 24/7 on-call response is established.

We do different things for different clients. But the WOB Proven Process remains the same. Following this framework allows us the flexibility to deliver economical, value based, and professional services to our clients.


W.O. Blackstone offers a full range of professional mechanical contracting services for clients in the commercial office, healthcare, institutional and industrial markets in South Carolina, North Carolina, and Georgia.

Since 1937, W.O. Blackstone has been about the business of helping building owners, general contractors, property managers and design engineers provide effective solutions for HVAC and Plumbing systems and Industrial Process Piping.. For more information, please visit or contact us at (803) 252-8222.

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